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    Richard Katz & Robert Cra

Recommended Fall Hardcovers

1) Barr, Nevada - Burn (Putnam) New Anna Pigeon, Park Ranger, great series. 25.99.

2) Bruen, Ken - The Devil (St Martin) New Jack Taylor, PI in Galway, Ireland. Excellent, 24.99.

3) Connelly, Michael - The Reversal (Little Brown) Harry Bosch and Lincoln lawyer together. 27.99.

4) Cornwell, Bernard - The Fort (Harper) Revolutionary War, Battle of Penobscot Bay. Mr. Cornwell is the finest fiction author working today. 25.99.

5) Deaver, Jeffery - The Edge (S+S) New thriller from a master of suspense. 26.99.

6) Indridason, Arnaldur - Hypothermia (St Martin) New in famed Iceland police series. 24.99.

7) Judson, Daniel - Voyeur (St Martin) Long Island PI Remer. Judson is coming to Muskego. 24.99.

8) Kadrey, Ruchard - Kill the Dead (Eos) #2 Sandman Slim, warrior against the dark forces of evil, great new crossover series. 22.99.

9) Keating, Mark - The Pirate Devlin (Grand Central) New historical series based on Pirate Roberts. 24.99.

10) Lehane, Dennis - Moonlight Mile (Morrow) New Kenzie-Gennaro, sequel to Gone Baby Gone. 26.99.

11) Leonard, Elmore - Djibouti(Morrow) New book from true master. 26.99.

12) Lippman, Laura - I'd Know You Anywhere(Morrow) New thriller from writer who justs gets better and better. 25.99.

13) Parrker, Robert B. - Painted Ladies(Putnam) New Spenser, one of the very best ofcourse. 26.95.

14) Penny, Louise - Bury Your Dead(St Martin) Fine, literate, thriller writer. 24.99.

15) Perez-Reverte, Arturo - (Putnam) Pirates of the Levant. New Alatriste, great historical series. 25.95.

16) Lindsay, Jeff - Dexter is Delicious(Doubleday) Dark series of serial killer who kills bad people. 25.95.

17) Robinson, Peter - Bad Boy(Morrow) New Inspector Banks, fine, long running British police. 25.99.

18) Rozan, S.J. - On the Line(St Martin) New Chin and Smith, great NYC PI series. 24.99.

19) Sandford, John - Bad Blood(Putnam) New Virgil Flowers, Mr. Sandfor is one of the best. 27.95.

20) Smith, Martin Cruz - Three Stations(S+S) New Renko, great police series set in Russia. 25.99.

21) Todd, Charles - An Impartial Witness(Morrow) New series featuring Bess Crawford. 24.99.

22) Westerson, Jill - The Demon's Parchment(St Martin) New Crispin Guest, disgraced nobleman working as a PI late 14th century England. 25.99.

23) Ayoob, Michael - In Search of Mercy(St Martin) Pittsburgh PI Dexter Bolzjak, St Martin award winner. 24.99.

24) Van Rooy, Michael - (St Martin) Great 1st book of tough ex-con going straight. 24.99.

Also look for new books by: Sam Bourne, Val McDermid, Lisa Black, Mary Daheim, Frederick Forsythe, Dick Francis, William Gibson, Sara Paretsky, Janet Evanovich, Steven Saylor, Stephen J. Cannell, Stuart Woods, Donna Andrews, James Church, Michael Atkinson, William Ryan, Lindsey Davis, Archer Mayor, Loren Estleman, Greg Rucka, Steve Berry, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Marcia Muller, Margaret Coel, Laura childs, Raymond Khoury, Susan Hill, Timothy Hallinin, Chuck Logan and many others.


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